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h4. Principal Investigator

{html}<a href="" target="_blank">Jacob target="_blank">Jake Carlson</a>{html} is a an associate professor and Data Services Specialist with the Libraries at Purdue University. He pursues innovative solutions for organizing, preserving, and providing access to research data collections. Carlson He has worked extensively with faculty at Purdue in crafting data management plans, and in developing workflows to support data sharing and curation.

h4. Co-Principal Investigators
{html}<a href="" target="_blank">Lisa Johnston</a>{html} is the Research Services Librarian at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. She is also co-director of the University&nbsp;Digital&nbsp;Conservancy, the UMN institutional repository. Her research focus is e-science, scientific data curation, and citation analysis. She has led the libraries in research data management since 2008 by creating an outreach and instruction program for researchers and worked closely with university leaders toward developing a campus research cyberinfrastructure.

{html}<a href="" target="_blank">Chris Miller</a>{html} is a Geographic Information Systems Specialist at Purdue University. His position provides traditional library GIS services and positions the librarian in the research objectives of the University. His work on interdisciplinary collaborative projects and his teaching is meant to introduce and inject data stewardship, sharing, and discovery into projects.

{html}<a href="" target="_blank">Megan Sapp Nelson</a>{html} is an Engineering Librarian at Purdue University. She is the liaison to the Civil and Electrical Engineering Departments.&nbsp; Her research centers on data management practices of small-scale research projects, particularly those that are multidisciplinary and international in scope.
h4. Graduate Assistant

{html}<a href="" target="_blank">Mason Nichols</a>{html} is a graduate student in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. His responsibilities for the DIL project include maintaining the project's web presence via the wiki and social media channels as well as assisting with transcription and transcription, environmental scans, and publications pertaining to the project.