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This is a working space for an informal library data curation core working group for the upcoming dataHUB implementation.

It is a given that a new hub (dataHUB) will be stood up as the data management solution, minimally for NSF-funded research on campus.

The purpose of this group is to define a "Curation Core" specification that concisely describes a minimal level of functionality that needs to be provided by the dataHUB to support data curation and provide some groundwork for future curation, research and development. The goal is to 1) write the Curation Core specification as a document similar in approach and format as the Bare Bones Repository specification; 2) compare the Curation Core to the current functionality of HUBzero and spec out the gap in a Scope of Work document that describes the work and resources needed to close the gap; and 3) assemble a group to execute the Scope of Work.

Curation Core specification

Library Data Curation Service Model

dataHUB launch content

11/29/10 Michael Witt

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