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Submission Workflow for PURR

This wiki page includes a step-by-step storyboard for the submission (publishing and archiving) workflow of the Purdue University Research Repository.

This workflow assumes that a validate user has created an account and project in PURR, from which they have prepared a dataset for submission.

We envision three options for submission:

  1. Preview: dataset is staged from within the project and presented only to members of the project, immediately. It is not vetted or curated.
  2. Publish: dataset is staged from within the project and submitted to the gatekeeper (librarian); upon approval it gets a DOI and becomes publicly accessible, curated and preserved in the OAIS archive.
  3. or Dark Archive: dataset is staged from within the project and submitted to the gatekeeper; upon approval it gets a DOI and is archived without being made publicly accessible. DOI resolves to metadata-only page.
  1. Preview, Publish or Dark Archive
  2. Select Primary Files
  3. Select Supporting Files
  4. Describe Dataset
  5. Add Authors
  6. [Choose License]
  7. [Add Keywords]
  8. [Add Release Notes]
  9. [Commit Dataset]
Questions / Issues
  • Who can submit a dataset for publication or archiving: anyone in a project or only the Purdue user? If anyone in the project, is a Purdue author required?
  • Different categories of resources can be presented in different ways with different functionality. For example, images can be viewed as a gallery, tools can be executed, etc. What categories of resources do we want? Suggest two categories of resources to begin (datasets and tools). Different resource types require different information during the submission process.
  • Will we allow files that are not strictly primary research data, such as seminars and tutorials? Suggest that we allow these other resources but they need to be associated with a primary dataset that has been published first.
  • Embargo functionality does not current exist for HUBzero and will be too much work to implement in PURR 1.0. Suggest deferring to next version of PURR.
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